Choosing the Best Chairs for Our Restaurant and Office

Buying chairs seems like an easy enough task, right?  At least until you realize the thousands of options out there.  Should it really be this difficult to find a place to sit?  If you’re buying chairs for a restaurant or office setting, the process can definitely be a pain in the neck.  Or some other place more appropriate to a discussion about sitting.

If you’re looking for restaurant chairs, form and function should be given equal consideration.  Your chairs contribute greatly to your guests’ initial impression of your restaurant, so they need to look great.  You have to make sure that the chairs you buy match the rest of your decor and theme.  You also need to know that your guests will be comfortable while they dine, so you can’t opt for gorgeous chairs that keep your diners squirming in an effort to get comfortable.  On that same note, since you don’t necessarily want diners hanging out for hours on end (unless they keep spending money, of course), you may not need to spend extra money for the ultimate comfort.  Restaurant chairs should also be very easy to clean, as they are sure to see their fair share of crumbs, spills, and assorted dropped food.  This makes upholstered chairs pretty undesirable.

If you need new chairs for your office’s waiting area, the selection process is pretty similar to the one for restaurant dining rooms.  If you expect that your clients should only be sitting (waiting) for very short periods (15 minutes or so), comfort can be less crucial than if you expect people could be sitting for long periods.  Sitting and waiting is hard enough.  Throw in an uncomfortable chair, and waiting can be miserable.  And, as we all know, some people really do believe that misery loves company and won’t hesitate to let everyone know how they feel.  A super-comfy chair won’t be a miracle cure for the impatience that comes with long waits, but it can make the trip from “just got here” to “been here way too long” last a bit longer.  If you don’t expect there to be many foods or drinks in your waiting area, you might be able to get away with upholstered seats, though they will still require regular cleaning to keep them looking new.

With chairs appropriate for either application available with a multitude of metal, wood, plastic, or laminate frames; seats and backs with or without padding; table height or bar height; polished or matte finishes; varied weights; and frames and upholstery in pretty much every color under the sun, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of decor-matching form and guest-comfort function.  When it comes to weight, you might want a lighter weight chair for diners, since chairs will need to easily slide toward and away from tables.  In an office setting, you might opt for a heavier chair to help keep them in place.

Choosing chairs for a workstation setting should provide less of a challenge.  Certainly, you want chairs that look nice, but it’s far more important to have chairs that will be comfortable for much longer periods.  When looking for desk chairs, your first consideration should be the chair’s recommended daily usage.  Some chairs are rated for no more than three to five hours of sitting per day; others are rated for eight hours or more.  Chairs rated for fewer hours do not offer as much support and comfort for longer days.  Most chairs will allow users to adjust height and tension.  A chair’s back height is more about preference (and maybe cost) than anything else, though many users find that high backs offer a little more support.  The choice of arms versus no arms is also largely a matter of preference, though most find that a chair with arms can help ease neck and back strain by giving the arms a natural resting height and position.  When it comes to rolling office chairs, look for the most stable bases and non-marking wheels.

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